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Video dirty chat bot

At which point the conversation took an unexpected turn — as she appeared to offer me a large amount of cash…

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Which is a pretty plain admission that chatbots are basically just data-mining interfaces with a faux human face, socially engineered to suck up conversation data from gullible humans. Feeling used, I pointed out to Zo that her learning from our chats was not very useful to me, and asked her again what she specifically offers me?

I spent my spring break senior year of college rereading the series on the beach, and my best friend and I went to see the first movie on Valentine’s Day back in 2015.

Persona has released a Christian Grey chatbot that you can literally talk to on Facebook Messenger — like, right now.

The rest of us have to solve the problem either through sheer force of willpower…or through Cleverbot.

Cleverbot is a conversational AI that talks about anything and everything.


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