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User control not updating asp net channing tatum and jenna dewan dating

Net project "Update Panel Examples" with a master page.

Add a Script Manager tag in the master page if one does not exist.

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Then we check if Page Title Updated, our event, is null.

In, above example, you can see that with the benefit and use of Naming Container Property; there doesn't require to take the reference of User Control2 in User Control1 to access Label inside. Thursday, September 02, 2010 AM by ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? - ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

NET - 123Doing Pingback from ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

For this chapter, we will create a new and very simple User Control, to illustrate how to create events.

It won't have a real life purpose, but is only meant to show you how to use events in a User Control.


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