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If you receive an approval for a family based preference petition in one category, but later if your petition is upgraded, you can still keep your old priority date or the beneficiary may even become an immediate relative, as appropriate.For example, if a lawful permanent resident files an F2A petition for his spouse, and then later becomes a U. citizen, the F2A approval can be converted into an immediate relative petition. citizen after the I-130 petition is already approved, send a letter to the National Visa Center.

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Once they receive it, they will upgrade the petition and send the beneficiary any additional forms and information that may be required. Make sure to include the information about your relative (name, date of birth etc.), a copy of your naturalization certificate and a copy of your petition receipt notice. citizen must file a separate petition for a spouse and for each child. citizen petitioner, you must file separate petitions for each child as long as the child is still unmarried, under age 21, and are your natural children or legal stepchildren (that is, the marriage took place before they turned 18), they qualify as immediate relatives just like the spouse.The problem is that very little can substitute for a green card. Although you will not lose your permanent resident status due to an expired green card, it will create some major problems. Therefore, we recommend starting the renewal process 5-6 months prior to the expiration date on your card.Use Form I-90, When starting a new job, you will generally be required to complete a Form I-9 for your new employer.If you have applied for your relative's petition while you are a permanent resident, and later if you become a U. citizen, the petition can be upgraded for the relative's visa classification, without filing a new petition. However, the priority date cannot be ported from family based preference classification to employment based preference classification or vice versa. Once a priority date is established in one family based preference classification, it can be recovered if the same beneficiary gets approved in another family based preference classification.In order to keep your green card, it pays to know the rules. A reentry permit will allow you to stay outside of the U. for up to two years, and the reentry permit serves as an entry document once you return.Leaving the United States: General Guidelines The first way that green card holders can lose their green card is by leaving the U. You should apply before you leave, and you will likely need to fill out a Form I-131.Please note this option will not be available if you have a pending application on your account. Your Trusted Traveler membership date is not dependent on the passport expiration date.Membership will remain valid and active, even if the passport expires, however, you will not be able to use your membership at kiosks and land crossings until you update your new passport in the GOES system. This can only be done if it is a renewal of a passport currently associated with your account and does not include a name or issuing authority change in the new passport or is a new/additional document/passport that was not previously associated with your account.Once logged into your GOES account, click on "Update Documents" on left hand side of the page.


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