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Updating facebook status through twitter dating agency 20

The only reason I'm not thrilled with it is that I am having Twitku flashbacks.Twitku allows you to post once and then have the message distributed via both Twitter and Jaiku.

This morning I also realized how bad I was at answering messages left to my Facebook Inbox.

As you’re probably aware of, many people who are on both Facebook and Twitter like to save time by cross-posting to Twitter from Facebook, or vice-versa.

There is a popular Facebook App named Selective Tweets that can be used to update Facebook status from Twitter, but only when you choose. Go to the Selective Tweets app on Facebook and enter your twitter ID in the text box. Next you’ll need to add the app to your account, which will give it permission to access your basic information and post on your behalf.

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Twitter's Facebook connection option makes it easy for your business to keep customers and colleagues on Facebook informed about company news.


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