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Trigger if updating inserting

You can use the same trigger name because the modified trigger replaces the old trigger when you create it again.create trigger stopupdatetrig on titles for update as if update (title_id) and datename(dw, getdate()) in ("Saturday", "Sunday") begin rollback transaction print "We do not allow changes to" print "primary keys on the weekend!Boolean UPDATE() returns TRUE regardless of whether an INSERT or UPDATE attempt is successful.To test for an INSERT or UPDATE action for more than one column, specify a separate UPDATE() clause following the first one.Here are a couple of examples that show the usage of the trigger predicates and the new syntax of the CREATE TRIGGER statement.

There is also a new SQL syntax added to the CREATE TRIGGER statement to enable multiple events to be defined for the trigger.CREATE or REPLACE TRIGGER emp_after_update AFTER UPDATE OF empid ON emp FOR EACH ROW DECLARE BEGIN update emp_backup set empid = :new.empid where empid = :old.empid; DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('empid successfully updated into emp_backup table'); END; The above trigger named ’emp_after_update’ will be initiated whenever ’empid’ column in ’emp’ table gets updated.Whenever INSERT is happened in the CUSTOMER table, I need to call the "Stored Procedure1"and UPDATE is happend in the CUSTOMER table, I need to call the "Stored Procedure2" in the Trigger.How to determine if insert or update in the trigger from SQL Server 2008. Code: CREATE TRIGGER Notifications ON CUSTOMER FOR INSERT, UPDATE AS BEGIN DECLARE @record Id varchar(20); set @record Id= new.However, to prohibit updates only under certain circumstances, use a trigger. Modifications to the data in that column cause the trigger fire. When this trigger detects an update that violates the trigger conditions, it cancels the update and prints a message.To test this, substitute a different day of the week for “Saturday” or “Sunday.” create trigger stopupdatetrig on titles for update as /* If an attempt is made to change titles.title_id ** on Saturday or Sunday, cancel the update.A database trigger is a stored procedure that automatically executes whenever an event occurs. Oracle initiates an ‘AFTER INSERT’ trigger after an insert event has been occurred and an ‘AFTER UPDATE’ trigger after an update event has been occurred.CREATE or REPLACE TRIGGER emp_after_insert AFTER INSERT ON emp FOR EACH ROW DECLARE BEGIN insert into emp_backup values (:new.empid, :new.fname, :new.lname); DBMS_OUTPUT.The column can be of any data type supported by SQL Server.However, computed columns cannot be used in this context.


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