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Speedstream 5200 e242 firmware updating

In other words, all you have to do is to update the program in the modem to have it working as a router. There are several advantages, especially if you want to share your broadband Internet connection with other computers.

If you want to share your ADSL connection with your network, you will have to leave a computer on all the time (or buy a router).

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That's from my uncrippled SS6300, but efficient has shown in the past that the structure of the web interface is similar between different modems.

First, you won’t need to have a computer making the connection between the modem and the network anymore.

The modem may be connected directly to your network hub or switch, which can not be done using modems with manufacturer’s configuration.

I tried bringing the interface down and back up with ifdown and ifup and that didn't help either. NOTICE - There is a lot of traffic in this channel at the moment. my on board audio device just stopped working when I rebooted.. I can't remember having to install anything for this to work before. Network and take my (wired) ethernet card off DHCP and assign it an IP address.

Please try to keep your sentences into a single message, avoid repeating the same question multiple times, use pasting, remember to mention the nickname of the person you're addressing, and join #ubuntu-offtopic for anything that is not Ubuntu support. Why does it appear with ifconfig that nothing has changed?


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