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Word has it that everyone in the Funhaus office has a crush on Matt Peake. He could hear the horses in the stables whinnying and braying. The rooster barely crowing in the mornings because Matt was already up before the pretty bird could start.

Nope, they make a bet with the Achievement Hunters over who gets to date him first and best. When Matt woke up that morning it was with matted curls and the curtains were lit up with the shadow of his window.

The "team" of Funhaus are often referred to as Hausmates by the Funhaus community.

Sean Poole, or Spoole, announced in February, 2016 via a Reddit post that he was leaving Funhaus, as he had missed his family and friends in Seattle, and wanted to pursue his personal dreams.

Those who go to court have been getting 30 to 40 years in prison.

Deal said the effort is worthwhile because it takes some offenders off the streets.

Most of the content that Funhaus uploads consists of gameplay videos.

Matt Ryan and company took control early in the third quarter, throwing a six-yard touchdown pass to Tevin Coleman to extend the Falcons' lead to 28-3.The Patriots responded with a touchdown drive culminated by a Tom Brady pass to James White.The Patriots missed the extra point leaving the score 28-9 with two minutes left in the quarter.Deputies from the Effingham and Chatham County Sheriff’s Offices lured the men to the area over the past 10 weeks in “Operation Summer Heat” by pretending to be underage children.The suspects were arrested on felony charges of child molestation or computer pornography.The Patriots defense made a big stop near the end of the quarter to give the offense the ball back at the start of the fourth.President Trump cited his friendships with Patriots owner Bob Kraft and quarterback Tom Brady when making his Super Bowl prediction: New England to win by eight over the Atlanta Falcons.Matt doesn't need anything more in his life than Sean Poole.They certainly don't need the blue neighborhood that's trying to spit Spoole out if it.Adam is mostly the one at the mouse and keyboard, while Bruce and James provide comedic commentary over the games.They also create podcasts and Q&As and the team, as now essential parts of the Rooster Teeth family, appear in a lot of videos on other channels, such as Rooster Teeth, Lets Play and The Know.


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