Sedating felines for neutering

If your kitty is the type to disappear when he sees the cat carrier, you may consider closing him in a bathroom for the night so you can more easily catch him in the morning.Spay and neuter are considered surgical procedures, so a licensed veterinarian, typically assisted by one or two technicians will perform the operation in a sterile environment.

roaming, calling for males - and spaying, by removing the ovarian source of female hormones, may help to resolve these issues).

Your little baby is all grown up and about ready to be spayed (if she is a girl) or neutered (if he is a boy).

Naturally, you are worried, but while any surgery has its risks, spaying and neutering is a common procedure that most veterinarians have had lots of practice doing.

Certainly no one would ever expect their cat to be spayed or neutered without anesthesia.

Therefore, a better understanding of some of the commonly-used types of anesthetics and analgesics (pain relievers), how they work, and their potential drawbacks, will help us make the best decisions when it comes to sedating our cats.


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