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Laurel Holloman is openly bisexual, married to a man, and is now a mommy!

Jennifer Beals, Erin Daniels, Rachel Shelley and Pam Grier have stated categorically that they are straight.

John LOVING had three children, Keziah, born about 1737, John, Junior, born about 1739 and William, born about 1741.

These dates will be contested by some and they are given here only as a rough guide.

It mentions not even one LOVING in all its entirety.

Susanna is said by some to have died of a congenital heart disease at age thirteen and this ailment appears to have been hereditary, causing many of the LOMAX family to die in youth or early adulthood.

Sarah Shahi has said she has experimented with girls in the past, but claims to be straight.

Recently, Holloman has devoted her time to her other passion, painting.Proof has never been found to confirm or deny this tale.A LOMAX history written at the turn of the century mentions a Susanna LOMAX born 11 September 1710 at Port Tobago, daughter of John LOMAX.His place of birth may have been England, but it is more likely that he was born in Virginia, possibly in King and Queen County.The year was 1705, a fact generally accepted by most genealogists. A persistent legend that he was married to Susanna LOMAX, while unproved, continues to make the rounds and surface in little family histories all over the nation.(page 1 of 2)She’s got a classic Hollywood backstory (discovered in a mall in Yonkers, N.Y.), a dream job (“I was really into The L Word before I got the role. It’s one of my favorite shows.”) and rock-hard abs, but actor Rose Rollins is more than just the tough girl she plays on Showtime’s smash hit.She donated a series of paintings to the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund in Oregon.In 2012 she had two shows in Germany and Italy, and in 2013, her piece “Swell,” was added to the prestigious Venice Biennale.Now, she’s showing us both sides of herself—the strong silent one found in jeans and dog tags, and the sexy siren vamping it up in curls—and talking frankly about the most important role of her life. [Obama] won Mississippi last night and I guess there were 400,000 people who voted for Democrats and 130,000 voted for Republicans.The L Word did a great job dealing with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in a humane way. I had spoken with probably around 10 different soldiers and just listened to their stories, and they all were so different. I absolutely think when Barack is president [laughs] there’ll definitely be a lot of changes. There’s definitely going to be a Democrat in the office.


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