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He was last seen on CCTV walking home alone eating fast food in Bury St Edmonds in the early hours of the morning.

Mrs Urquhart explained how four vehicles had entered the area where Mr Mc Keague was last seen and she was concerned that one car did not have a legitimate reason to be there.

Operations record books (ORBs) may provide extra information about servicemen or women where details in the service records are patchy.

The mother of missing RAF serviceman Corrie Mc Keague has described her son as a “social hand grenade” who makes “reckless” decisions.

Second World War operational records are arranged by RAF organisation units, the highest being high command.

These types of records fall in the department codes AIR, CAB or ADM.

The Lancaster bombers flown by 617 Squadron were extensively modified, and the crews trained to fly at less than 100ft (30.48m) above the water, the height required to drop the bombs successfully.

The Secretary of State for Air, Sir Archibald Sinclair, called the raid "a trenchant blow for victory".

The Laws of England and Wales shall govern the interpretation and/or enforcement of these Rules and the Fund and all entrants hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

An audacious RAF bombing raid into the industrial heartland of Germany last night has wrecked three dams serving the Ruhr valley.

The mission, known as Operation Chastise, has been planned for months.

The crews were specially selected for the job, and have been training in absolute secrecy.


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