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Whatever the case may be, in order to truly understand what pansexual actually means, it’s important for you to take a closer look at this sexual orientation and sexual identity. In the most basic sense, pansexuality means that an individual is physically, emotionally and/or romantically attracted to a person, regardless of this other person’s gender identity and/or sexuality.

It is something that cannot be answered by archaeology alone; nor is a uniquely historical approach appropriate.

A fully multidisciplinary examination is necessary. The centuries encompassing the end of the Roman period and the emergence of the polities that eventually coalesced into the three major political units of the British mainland can be regarded as the basis for contemporary debates about national and ethnic identities in the United Kingdom.

Gordon Gee and PAN President Michał Kleiber formalized the OSU-PAN cooperation. First, CONSIRT stimulates and facilitates to overcome the shortcomings of fragmented methodology of comparative research.

The Departments of Sociology and of Political Science at OSU, and the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology and the Graduate School for Social Research at PAN, established CONSIRT within the framework of this Agreement. Substantive issues of global importance – such as poverty, forms of inequality, health and well-being, large-scale migration, industrial competitiveness, economic crises, access to energy resources, the formulation and implementation of welfare policies, commercialization of art and culture, and the quality of life – require cross-national and interdisciplinary research.


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