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Moving in after 6 months dating celebrities against dating violence

For as long as humans have gone off to war or travelled in search of food, couples have maintained romance across great distances.

According to the Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships, almost three percent of married couples live apart for reasons other than marital strife, and up to 40 percent of college students say they’ve dated across distance.

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I find it's always better to Google life's bigger decisions once you've already made them.

I'm wondering about timelines because the reactions from friends and colleagues has definitely erred on the "so soon?

" side (it's been nine months so, you know, long enough to have a baby…). "Luckily when we start hating each other I'll have the full Sky package to keep me company", was my response.

Even though it's been a very easy and organic transition, I spent years fighting to get away from roommates and to live alone.

My tiny little studio represents a lot of struggle and achievement for me, but paying rent on a space that's unused also seems unwise.


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