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As the Pastor and Teacher of Faith Center Church in Glendale, California, Pastor Melissa Scott leads a dynamic, global ministry that, since 1976, has broadcast the Gospel message of Jesus Christ 24 hours a day through television, radio and the internet.

After coming to terms with it, she helps Scott stop Jackson Whittemore and Gerard.

(Read More...) She struggles with money while Scott and his friends fight assassins and Kate Argent.

(Read More...) Melissa helps track down those who might be turned into Chimeras by the Dread Doctors and resuscitates Scott after he dies.

Her unique messages not only focus on profound Biblical concepts, but do so in a way that allows the listener to learn and then apply God's word to their daily life's circumstances.

She is often regarded as a "Pastor's Pastor" and numerous preachers from around the world draw from her wealth of teaching to help them in their study.


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