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Iow walking festival speed dating

More experienced walkers will enjoy the challenge of longer routes, some over several days, in the company of like-minded enthusiasts. Use the date or location filter options to find your ideal 2017 walking festival or click here to show just this month.Join the Winter Walking Festival from 30th January - 5th February 2017 with walks for everyone from beginners to the more advanced walker, ranging from 1.5 miles to 12 miles.Arriving by ferry, they swamp the pub in the Isle of Wight village of Wroxall in a fug of testosterone, before forming up outside in a crocodile and setting off for the countryside.Welcome to the speed-dating walk, an imaginative new form of exercise.

It started off raising money for the Island's own MRI scanner as an appeal had been launched.

With that in mind, there are hundreds of opportunities for walks - and some of those will introduce you to Island wildlife, or tell you stories about the Island's varied and interesting past.

Lace up those walking boots and set off on your very own adventure through the English countryside!

Here on the Isle of Wight, they've stripped away the poetry to take a more earthy view of the countryside.

Before we set off on our three-mile love ramble, we are given a helpful pack of jolly chat-up lines: "What made you decide to go speed-dating? " And how can we possibly fail with follow-ups such as: "What would be your perfect date?


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