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, : Rich Edit - Speed Bar - Main Menu - Open Dialog - Save Dialog - Font Dialog - Print Dialog - Popup Menu - Speed Button - Combo Box - Label - Up Down - Up\Down Status Bar - Image - Bevel - C Builder 6 , : . 3 , Rich Edit, Main Menu, Open Dialog, Save Dialog, Font Dialog, Print Dialog, Popup Menu, Combo Box, Edit, Up Down, Label Status Bar. 4 Combo Box, Label, Rich Edit Main Menu properties Object Inspector.

Create(AOwner: TComponent); begin inherited; FFill := TBrush. On Changed := Fill Changed; //FStroke := TStroke Brush. On Changed := Stroke Changed; FNumber Of Sides := 3; FPath := TPath Data. X := Width / 2 Cos(n * Angle) * Circum Radius; New Location. Clear; // Move To the first point Go To AVertex(0, Angle, Circum Radius, False); // Line To each Vertex for i := 1 to FNumber Of Sides do Go To AVertex(i, Angle, Circum Radius); FPath.

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Create(AOwner: TComponent); begin inherited; FNumber Of Sides := 3; FPath := TPath Data. Destroy; begin Free And Nil(FPath); inherited; end; procedure TRegular Polygon. Fill Rect(R, XRadius, YRadius, FCorners, Absolute Opacity, FFill, Corner Type); //Canvas.

Graphics; type TRegular Polygon = class(TShape) private FNumber Of Sides: Integer; FPath: TPath Data; procedure Set Number Of Sides(const Value: Integer); protected procedure Create Path; procedure Paint; override; public constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override; destructor Destroy; override; function Point In Object(X, Y: Single): Boolean; override; published property Number Of Sides: Integer read FNumber Of Sides write Set Number Of Sides; property Align; property Anchors; property Clip Children default False; property Clip Parent default False; property Cursor default cr Default; property Design Visible default True; property Drag Mode default TDrag Manual; property Enable Drag Highlight default True; property Enabled default True; property Fill; property Locked default False; property Height; property Hit Test default True; property Padding; property Opacity; property Margins; property Popup Menu; property Position; property Rotation Angle; property Rotation Center; property Scale; property Stroke Thickness stored false; property Stroke Cap stored false; property Stroke Dash stored false; property Stroke Join stored false; property Stroke; property Visible default True; property Width; end; procedure Register; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// implementation procedure Register; begin Register Components('Shape2', [TRegular Polygon]); end; constructor TRegular Polygon.


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