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Gay dating site ad rejected

The website’s main page offers members access to a “cruising” directory which gives members access to a list of “the hottest places to meet other men for sex.

With user ratings and details on how to cruise each location, it’s easy to find the best parks, beaches, gyms, washrooms, glory holes and bathhouses in town.” Attila Szatmari, the digital business director for parent company Pink Triangle Press, said he is disappointed by the TTC’s decision to pull the ad.

As always, we are open to working with the client on alternative submissions." Hibberd reports that CBS believed Man Crunch was trying to generate free publicity by submitting an ad that was likely to be rejected.

Si vous pensez que votre publicité a été refusée par erreur, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.

Grâce à notre nouveau système, les publicités contenant une quantité importante de texte seront sous-diffusées ou ne le seront pas du tout (à moins d’une exception).

Vous pouvez utiliser notre outil pour savoir si la portée de votre publicité risque de diminuer à cause de la présence importante de texte sur l’image publicitaire avant sa diffusion.

“Squirt is a platform for men to meet up,” Szatmari said. We haven’t made any decisions in that regard.” ********** Other advertising controversies on the TTC April 2012 — Religiously charged ads placed at TTC stations by a downtown Islamic centre cause a stir when they declared “There is no god but Allah.” Critics demanded they be removed but the TTC said it couldn’t take action because while the ads might offend some, they did not violate agency policy or Canadian law.

“Where they meet up is really up to them.” The cruising directory is created by men using the sit, he said. “We let our users create the content.” The company’s ad campaign first started in June and only when it expanded to subway cars throughout the system on August 31 was there a problem, Szatmari said. July 2011 — The Toronto Argos pull their new ad campaign from the TTC after Councillor Mike Layton criticized their new slogan: “Home is where the heart is.


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