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These are the same people who believe you can cut taxes but expand services, and who believe you can extract oil from the ground indefinitely without running out of it.

And if 20% believe we didn't go to the moon, that means 80% do, right?

Or, when venerable institutions such as the Chicago Sun Times decide to lay off their entire photography staff – you do start to wonder – what exactly is the difference between amateur and professional photographers? This is a photo from the first gig I was ever paid for.

I actually delivered this to a client – and at the time, I thought I was pretty hot sh*t!

As well as Grennan's discovery, there has been the footage of the earth's surface shot by Luke Geissbuhler and his seven-year-old son Max, using a takeaway container, a weather balloon, an i Phone and a video camera to create the "craft" they sent up into the atmosphere.

The 2010IK, as it was subsequently christened, is a supernova – a stellar explosion so powerful that it destroys not only the star itself but all nearby suns and planets.

Astronomy, it appears, is particularly well suited to the layperson, and the history of the amateur astronomer is not undistinguished.

A boom in cosmic interest in the 18th and 19th centuries was largelypioneered by "gentleman astronomers" such as William Herschel, who identified Uranus, and William Lassell, who discovered Triton; such enthusiasts could afford to construct their own observatories and telescopes to indulge their curiosity.

For a brief instant, the cameraman and the gunman directly face each other. The camera falls, and with the cameraman's death, image and reality collapse into one.(2) is not an exhibition about the killing of a young man, or about the civil war in Syria. It is an exhibition that acknowledges the presence of a new kind of image in which everything is at stake for the ones who make them.

For more than two years, a steady flow of first-hand amateur footage such as this has come out of the increasingly devastating conflict in Syria, giving fragmentary evidence of an unfolding tragedy of enormous proportions.


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