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Charnov's prediction that hermaphroditism would occur under circumstances where Bateman's principle does not apply is found to be largely correct.

However, the prediction as to the association of hermaphroditism and low fixed costs is inconsistent with the data.

Alternative explanations that predict that hermaphroditism is a strategy for reducing variance in reproductive success may better explain the data.

Probability theory demonstrates that where two strategies have equal mean fitness, which must be the case for male and female function, the strategy with the lower variance in reproductive success must have higher fitness (Gillespie's principle).

Because of the absence of preputial sheath in the ventral abdomen, the newborn piglet urinated through vulva and the discharge appeared like an “arch”.

The scrotal sacs were normal in texture and consistency, containing free moving testes with no adherence within the sac.

She is best known for her eclectic pop music of the early 2000s which had a significant impact in Europe and Oceania.

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The pig was fed with concentrate feed and slaughtered at nine month of age to study the internal genital organs and sample of tissue from internal mass for taken for histological study and found that it was a case of true hermaphrodite.

Hermaphrodite, Pigs, Intersex and Large White Yorkshire During pregnancy, foetal sex was determined by their inherited genes, gonadogenesis, formation and maturation of accessory reproductive organs.


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