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We understand completely that discretion is paramount in these investigations.

With us you are 100% assured and guaranteed complete confidentiality.

This is the first system of its kind to actually provide personalized counseling advice and propose, if appropriate, whether a debt management program (DMP) is right for you.

With over 49 years of non-profit credit counseling experience, we have helped well over 400,000 consumers become debt free!

This 20 plus page PDF document contains a full budget analysis, balance sheet and personal debt reduction recommendations, tips, suggestions and helpful resource links.

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There are many reasons for infidelity within a marriage or other committed and supposedly monogamous relationship. There is no way an outsider can shed light on other issues within your relationship.Denise Winston, founder of the personal financial education website Money Starts Here and a banker for more than 25 years, says she's "seen it all" when it comes to cheating spouses and how their shopping habits have brought them down.Therefore, she says, if you suspect adultery, gather statements from the past year and scrutinize each line item for funny business.Among the red flags are unexplained and implausible charges for: Indeed, some expenditures will stand out dramatically (it's tough to justify Victoria's Secret purchases for a client), but others might not be such obvious markers. In the case of an unusually expensive gas bill, for example, ask about it and listen for nonsensical excuses."Cheaters come up with stories, like 'I had to go to Bob's and I knew you'd be mad.'" says Winston.Here's how to detect evidence of a love crime with some simple financial sleuthing.Sniff out suspicious spending Take a tip from private detectives working on infidelity cases: Before blindly accusing, check credit and checking account statements for odd spending activity.Bipolar infidelity is a common – and tragic – consequence of mania and hypersexuality.NOW is the time to discover the facts and avoid the pitfalls.Sadly, too few people yet realize bipolar cheating is one of the most typical bipolar symptoms of all.My own bipolar infidelity destroyed my relationship, my finances, my self-respect, my happiness, my peace of mind, and my entire sense of self, so I hope there will be readers who can benefit from my mistakes.


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