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Ian, 48, from Swindon, Wiltshire, said: ‘If that was me and my mate doing 30mph on the motorway and having a chat, we’d be done for it.

‘It was dangerous and confusing for everyone else on the road.

He said drivers had to overtake in the third lane while the vehicles travelled side by side for about 15 seconds before accelerating.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police defended the driving and said the officers had assisted the ambulance with the detention of a woman under the Mental Health Act at a service station.

Police have made three arrests after a group of teenagers allegedly launched a tirade of “disgusting” racist abuse at a passenger on a tram in Manchester, amid reports of a spike in hate crime following the EU referendum.

A video captured the verbal attack on Tuesday morning, after the man had asked them to stop swearing.

See more » Acrophobia Written, Produced, and Vocals by Jettamon Malayota (as Jettamont Malayoda) Mixed Down and Mastered by Penguin Villa and Vannareut Pongprayoon at Smallroom Publishing Rights and Copyright: Smallroom Co., Ltd. Whether or not you enjoy this movie will depend largely on whether or not you are a die hard film buff or a casual movie goer looking for a story.

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After unsuccessful attempts to disconnect the user, the group suspects their classmate Val Rommel is pranking them.A lorry driver has hit out at police and ambulance staff after alleging that they slowed down ‘dangerously’ to just 32mph to ‘have a chat.Ian Price spotted them on the M6 in Lancashire and caught the scene on camera at under half the speed limit.The first time a ghost appears, during dinner, the nephew passes the ghost a glass of water.You can see the ghost image superimposed over the nephew's arm when he places the glass of water on the table."billie227" then posts a video Laura Barns recording a video similar to that of Amanda Todd's, which took place in real life.Val calls the police to report online abuse, and signs off Skype.“Bro, I’ll waste you, I’ll waste anyone,” one of the teenagers was filmed saying, brandishing what appeared to be a bottle of beer. “You are extremely ignorant and not very intelligent, you know that?“Don't chat s**t when you're not even from England, you little f**king immigrant. Get back to Africa.” The victim, speaking with a North American or Canadian accent, remained calm as he asked the suspects how old they were. ” The boys threatened to “waste” him before walking up the carriage and throwing a bottle of beer over the victim, splashing other passengers including a woman with a baby.If they have their lights on then at least you’re aware there might be problems, but this was different.‘The fact they were doing it across two lanes was even worse.


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