Dogsdating com

There are some gorgeous dogs in Chapel Hill, but if you don’t want him barking up the wrong tree, make sure his profile is a good representation of his true character.

All other dating sites can just go home, because Tinder has officially won the game (and my heart in the process).

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Lasya taught me so much about what it means to be independent, joyful and free.

Years and another dog later when I got divorced, there was no question who was taking the dogs, needy elkhound Freya and stalwart sentinel Lasya.

I've lived alone for over a decade now, but it's never felt lonely with two pairs of captivating canines sharing my domicile, a house that wouldn't be a home without them.

Instead of swiping through pictures of people, you swipe through different dog pictures in search of puppy love.

Farmers Only — It’s hard to find love in rural areas, often it’s hard to find anything other than farms.


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