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More than ten years later, the pricing was equal, as seen on page 27 of the P. Ellis 1915 - 1916 Illustrated Catalogue (found online by Gordian).The 16-size watches are briefly discussed in the "Railroaders' Corner - 17-Jewel, 16-Size Standard Watches, Part 1," NAWCC Bulletin (see References, below).

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This succession of companies (or in some cases, the same company under a different name) made a full line of watches ranging from modest, affordable watches to some of the finest watches made in this country.

Note: When a number appears by itself in the Comment Column, it is the page in the factory serial list where the entry and explanation appeared. "Comment 42" is on page 42 of Should the date not be listed in the search of the NAWCC Information Storage - Waltham Serial Number Data Base, Oldwatch.com's Waltham Production Date Chart, or the Pocket Watch Site's Waltham Date Table are a means for determining the approximate production date. date lists - created by using the average number of watches produced over a period of years - to only be accurate within a year or two at best, and recognize that there are numerous exceptions wherein which the dates may be off as much as 3 years or more.

This is not just for Waltham, but for other watch manufacturers as well.

Waltham built two grades of watches in both 18 and 16 size, Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and Canadian Railway Time Service (CRTS). However, this does not necessarily apply to movements from runs designated as CPR or CRTS.

The 18-size watches were originally pulled from runs of various grades of 15-jewel, model 1883 movements (with apparently no rhyme or reason and in no particular serial number order) that were apparently being made when orders for the watches arrived at Waltham. Movements from runs of the following grades, as designated in the "The Gray Book" (see Reference section, below), have been finished as CPR & CRTS watches: No. Later, complete runs of the two grades (in both 18 and 16 size) were made and these are designated in the "The Gray Book." Nevertheless, movements from these runs have been observed bearing grade names (for example, Appleton, Tracy & Co.") other than those so designated (either CPR or CRTS).


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