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Daisy de la hoya dating dave navarro

The two hosted their own MTV reality show about their life as newlyweds. ABOUT THIS AUTHOR

We might never know if it was the fact that Daisy still lives with her ex-boyfriend or that she strips to support him that cost this entertaining nut job the honor of becoming Mrs. In response to a racy photo in which she allegedly flashed her "Britney," Rock of Love contestant Daisy de la Hoya is lashing out at TMZ. Because while the scandalous photo was "censored" with a star supposedly covering u beave, it turns out Daisy was, in fact, wearing underwear.

Former child star Corey Haim, who passed away yesterday morning, had eight film projects in the works and was dating a new love interest before he died.

That being Daisy de la Hoya of VH1's Daisy of Love fame.

It is so refreshing watching someone other than make out with Daisy! There is something horrible about the way Bret makes out. Sinister uses his face time with Daisy to rat out Tool Box for his "bitches" remark. She says that she is calling the shots and she would never allow that kind of language.

I fear Tool Box's communication skills may be quite hindered if the words "bitches" and "hos" are forcibly removed from his lexicon. When Daisy tries to talk to Torch, he emits sounds like a dolphin. I call it "made up sounds that will only serve to confuse Daisy, and us." Daisy asks if he's, like, "Swahilish." Oh, Daisy.


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