Consolidating email accounts

Financial Consolidation allows organisations to streamline the consolidation process; you also improve its auditability, transparency and business value to your organisation.

CFMS’s unique consultancy team of accountants as well as technology specialists makes solving your accounting issues on consolidation simpler.

Also known as invoice factoring, our invoice finance services help you transform your quality commercial Accounts Receivable into immediate cash flow, growth & profit.

With our debt financing services, you can use our funds to as needed – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and beyond.

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We can help tailor the right invoice finance solution to suit the unique requirements of your business.

Our Christian Debt Consolidation Program involves a cooperative relationship with your creditors.

By participating in our program, creditors receive certain tax benefits, which give them the incentive to make concessions that they otherwise would not offer to you directly.

As promised, I’m going to walk you through the initial setup and tools I use to manage a single inbox.

A Google Apps for Business account serves as the backbone of my email setup. The account offers 30GB of storage, the search cannot be beat and—if you’re a fan of their interface—the keyboard shortcuts are fantastic. First things first, choose an email address you plan on having for a very long time.


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