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Canterbury tales speed dating

Often, such insight leads to a variety of discussions and disagreements among people in the 14th century.For example, although various social classes are represented in these stories and all of the pilgrims are on a spiritual quest, it is apparent that they are more concerned with worldly things than spiritual.Chaucer's use of such a wide range of classes and types of people was without precedent in English.Although the characters are fictional, they still offer a variety of insights into customs and practices of the time.Speed dating is a strategy to “spice” up your classroom. Each student is assigned a character, reads the description and studies the character.The concept is to have two rows of students each with a concept or person to teach. They fill out a chart with the information and of course, have textual evidence to support findings.I played "I Get Around" for my students since they seemed particularly amused by the Squire's exploits with the ladies, but next time I might play "I Feel Pretty." This guy was dressed like a meadow, for goodness' sake!Because The Canterbury Tales was written in a time when older siblings had to marry before the younger could enter matrimony, unattractive elder sisters were often given to the convent so their younger siblings could marry.

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Or you could use this for world countries or even states. If you have some other ideas, please add them below. There are so many ways that you could use this strategy.

At the beginning of each class period, I played a song that reminded me of one of the Canterbury characters, and I picked a lucky student to guess which one.

We had a good laugh and tried another song until we had reviewed each of the characters from the previous day.

In this essay, I wish to use my experience with The Canterbury Tales Project, with which I have been involved since its beginnings in 1989, to explore five such propositions.

While I will concentrate on The Canterbury Tales Project: , it should be emphasized that this is far from being the only editorial project in older English (and, medieval vernacular) literature.


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