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Bishounen dating game

These days, one of the quickest and most popular methods for stocking a video game with a cast of attractive anime-style characters is to pick a class of item and anthropomorphize the heck out of it.

There’s currently no hotter mobile game than Kantai Collection, in which players command a fleet of pretty girls who’re all modeled after World War II-era Japanese warships.

Bishounen After Dark Our bishounen spill their secrets in this after-hours tell-all.

May start a few minutes late as our boys recover from the Host Club. On Ice Bishounen Life Drawing Bring your sketchbook and practice life drawing on our lovely Bishounen. Character Development in Fiction Learn how to go beyond the standard tropes when writing queer characters in fiction.

I was surprised to learn how many there were in the Apple app store (I peruse the Malaysian version), less surprised that they were all poorly designed, “in-app purchases” cash cows thinly veiled in moe avatars and your stock standard bishounen.

Despite this, a combination of curiosity and the need to procrastinate led me to download not one but three different games all from different developers to better understand why these games make girls’ hearts go doki doki.

Best of Bishonen is the one-and-only complete Yaoi art collection appealing to Fujoshi girls, and is also an indispensable guide to understanding this trend.

Featured Illustratorsshishunnki / SUZUKI JIRO / Naoe Marimo / nao tsukiji / fuji mitsuya / toinana / aomiya kara / Shikimi / nagarenaitessyu etc.

Titled in English, the app is a product of USAYA Co.

The art works showcased in this collection are by 79 popular comic artists and illustrators, with bilingual profiles included for each.

Some of the works are actually sought-after illustrations from the popular online game Touken Ranbu and Vocaloid™ PV, and five of the artists included in this collection have created new and original works exclusively for this project.

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The last three days have been a strange blur as I lead my everyday life trying to finish my Asian Law and Legal Systems assignment and my triple lives in the digital world, attempting to court a total of 26 different digitally simulated men.


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