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I dissected my old ironing board, took off the foam pad, and laid it on top of the dresser with another layer of cotton batting (to give it a soft surface). The drawer and door open easily and the cover doesn't move around at all. It wasn't quite long enough so I had to add a few inches to the ends (from the excess width), then I folded over each edge and sewed a channel all the way around it (corners were a bit tricky). That's what the first picture showed - the cover before I stretched it over the top of the dresser.

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Appointments with the doctors and found my husband, my son along on the e-mail address that is different their and maybe have left by other.

I knew if I messed up my measurements, I was screwed. I guess it's something only a seamstress would appreciate. I love my little unassuming heat resistant dresser top ironing board.

I made it Monday night and have been using it nonstop since then. At .98 a yard, it's probably the most I've ever paid for one yard of fabric.


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